Our system emails are sent to the address you used to register with our system. Firstly, please make sure you check the right email address. Sometimes customers use a different email address for PayPal than to register with our system, and this can confuse them.

If you haven't received any emails from us following registration,  first please check your spam / Junk folder. This is especially important with Hotmail / Outlook.com / Live.com addresses as Hotmail can often incorrectly identifies emails as spam. 

As soon as you fill in and submit the registration form on our website, it creates an account for you and sends you a registration email with your login details.

You will then be able to login to our secure download area, but will not be able to access any products until payment has been received.

When payment is completed, PayPal sends confirmation to our website, and you are issued with an email payment receipt.