Our secure download system records all the file downloads made under each user account, along with the IP addresses from where the download was made.

We limit the downloads to four, as this is usually more than enough for an individual purchase and allows our customers to keep one or two downloads 'in reserve' for the future should they forget to back-up their computer and/or files.

We understand that sometimes unforeseen problems occur and files get lost, so if you have used up your downloads and no longer have the product(s),  please contact us with the details. 

Please try to include all the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. The email address you registered with
  3. The date of purchase
  4. The Transaction ID
  5. The product(s) you bought

We will look at each case individually. We especially look at how many different IP addresses have been used to access the files already, before making a decision about whether to re-issue the product.

We're very sorry if this sounds a bit 'authoritarian', but we have found a small minority of people do abuse the system, so we are forced to take some measures to protect ourselves from unauthorised file-sharing.