Sometimes people decide after a while that they would like to change from the monthly installment plan and download everything right away.

If you would like to do this, the only way we can process the order is if you do the following:

1. Buy the product you would like to change to

2. Send us an email through our Support System explaining that you have already paid x months of monthly installments, and have now bought the immediate download version of the product.

Please include your full name, your account username and/or email (if it is different from the one you use in the support email) and if you have a payment receipt  (from PayPal or our system) for the last monthly installment you made, it would be helpful if you could copy and paste that into your support email.

We will then refund you in full for all the monthly payments you have made up to that point. Please allow a few days for us to process this, but don't worry, you will be refunded all the monthly installments you have paid so far!