First you need to select the product from our shop page, and click "Add to basket" on the individual product information page. Following this you proceed to the payment page, and make your payment through PayPal (using either your credit card or a PayPal account, which is free to open).

As soon as you have registered with our secure download system, you will be able to login. As soon as PayPal confirms payment for a product, that product will appear in your download area and you will be able to download it. If for some reason you don't receive your registration email(s), please read our article on “I didn't receive my registration email or login information”.


Please note: If you are using an Apple product (like an iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you will need to transfer your files to your computer first, and then move them to your device using iTunes. This is the way Apple makes things work!


When you click on the download link, your computer should normally ask you where to save the file(s). Select a location on your computer and click “save”.


Now, depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may have to wait a while for the products to download. Please be patient! (If you have problems with a slow download, please read this article).


All our packs are delivered as Compressed ‘Zip’ files and once you have downloaded a file, double-click on it, and it will either just open, or depending on your computer operating system, it will ask you where to “Extract” the files to.  Select a location if necessary, and extract the files.  If it doesn’t ask you a location, it will extract the folder and files to the same location as the original download file.


In each pack you will see a PDF instructions document called something like _INSTRUCTIONS_READ.pdf or _instrucciones_leer.pdf. Please read this before you start! Good luck!